Photography and underwater video can serve as good tools in describing and analysing the behaviour and ecology of marine organisms.

For example, slow motions can be made using high resolution cameras to document the feeding behaviour and diet of sharks. In Fakarava this technique allowed to identify up to 50 fish prey species.

The use of high resolution camera such as Phantom cameras that allow you to take videos with up to 1,000 images per second, can be very convenient to document the hunting behaviour of sharks, actions that are too fast to be captured by our eyes.

During the GOMBESSA Expedition, we used the bullet time shot technique, firstly to get an idea of how the sharks use their space during a group attack, but also to create action shots worthy of The Matrix that was used for the nature documentary "700 Sharks". This was no easy feat. Imagine putting in place an arch of 4 meters in diameter carrying 32 cameras that has to be moved underwater by swimming, all while hoping that the sharks “take the bait” and hunt their prey in the middle of the structure.

The use of the bullet time shot during the GOMBESSA Expeditions and the film "700 Sharks"